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Welcome to Cuddle Sanctuary!

I’m Jean Franzblau, and I love leading cuddle events. At Cuddle Sanctuary, my team and I have guided hundreds of them. These events have brought so much joy and goodness into my life and the lives of our guests. Since the pandemic - it feels like now, more than ever, the world needs the medicine that these events provide. 

I want to share my best tools and techniques with you so you can bring these experiences to your community. This guide will help you lead cuddle events with grace and confidence. I've included a special section about health and hygiene given the very natural concerns that you and your guests may have.

Let me show you the ropes!

I’ve organized all the information you need to create satisfying cuddle events for you and your guests. Topics include:

  • Event Design

    I’ll share with you the twelve elements for safe, memorable cuddle events. You’ll learn the flow of activities from beginning to end.

  • Solutions

    Cuddle events offer unique and even life-changing experiences for guests. Issues can come up! From gender dynamics to setting boundaries, I’ve got you covered

  • Logistics

    Why should you re-invent the wheel when I’ve already been there and done that? I’ll give you my best ideas for event locations, supplies, marketing, the works!

Are these events REALLY that good?

Being immersed in this world, I'm totally biased about my cuddle events! So let these Yelp reviewers do the talking:

“It was hard for me to wrap my head around what a "cuddle" was and why it would "change my life" but that's exactly what happened. As a single mom and full time caregiver for my disabled child, I had truly stopped taking care of me. Coming to these cuddle nights was the best advice I ever took!”


“This is a seven star experience and I'm not being dramatic in saying pretty life changing... I am a believer, this concept is Jeanius (reference to Cuddle Sanctuary's founder, Jean). Would say personally after only going once I am making this a mandatory component for my self-care routine.”

“This place is an amazing, safe, nurturing container for platonic touch and cuddling...It is a very well run program based on respect, consent and connection. Everyone was warm and friendly and I was completely welcome and comfortable. I'm counting the days to my next workshop.”


Bonus material

I've included some valuable resources for you!

  • Pre-Event Checklist

    Preparation can make a big difference in the success of your event. If you complete the 15 items on this list, you’ll be ready when your guests arrive.

  • Sample Waiver

    Though I’m not an attorney, I’m certainly happy to show you the “release of liability” waiver that I ask my guests to sign before attending my cuddle events.

  • Sample Code of Ethics

    Show your guests that you run your cuddle events with integrity. I'll share my Code of Ethics with you so that you don't have to write yours from scratch.

Start changing lives now!

Racial Equity Scholarships available. Contact cuddlesanctuary@gmail.com to request application.

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A multimedia learning experience

The Guide was designed to appeal to the different parts of your learning mind. As soon as you register, all the binge-worthy content will be at your fingertips.

  • 20+ lessons
  • 50+ images (labeled for the visually impaired)
  • 15+ videos with video summaries
  • 10+ audio clips and transcripts

Course curriculum

Most lessons are short and sweet. The average time to complete the whole thing is 4-5 hours.

  • 1
    • A Message From Jean
    • How to Use This Course
    • Before We Begin...
    • Lesson Plan
  • 2
    Introduction: The Container
    • What's a Container?
    • Your First Event
    • The Elephant in the Room
    • Your Thoughts: Focus, Safety Trust
    • Building Focus, Safety, Trust
    • Tight versus Loose Container
    • Quiz: The Container
    • In Conclusion
  • 3
    Opening Circle
    • Introduction
    • Leading Events Improvisationally
    • Opening Circle Structure
    • Mini Script
    • Quiz: Opening Circle
    • In Conclusion
  • 4
    Body and Breath
    • Introduction
    • Mini Script
    • Quiz: Body and Breath
    • In Conclusion
  • 5
    "First Five" Guidelines
    • Introduction
    • The "First Five"
    • Mini Script
    • Quiz: "First Five"
    • In Conclusion
  • 6
    "No Thank You" Exercise
    • Introduction
    • Mini Script
    • Tips for Leading Exercises at Cuddle Events
    • Quiz: "No Thank You" Exercise
    • In Conclusion
  • 7
    How to Lead a Debrief
    • Introduction
    • 7 Debrief Tips
    • Mini Script
    • Quiz: How to Lead a Debrief
    • In Conclusion
  • 8
    "Final Three" Guidelines
    • Introduction
    • The "Final Three"
    • Watch "Ask and Wait" In Action
    • "Ask and Wait": Four Nuances
    • Mini Script
    • Quiz: "Final Three" Guidelines
    • In Conclusion
  • 9
    "Hug | No Hug" Exercise and Debrief
    • Introduction
    • Mini Script
    • Quiz: "Hug | No Hug" Exercise and Debrief
    • In Conclusion
  • 10
    Four "Cuddle Safe" Concepts
    • Introduction
    • Four "Cuddle Safe" Concepts
    • Mini Script
    • Quiz: Four "Cuddle Safe" Concepts
    • In Conclusion
  • 11
    Paired Practice
    • Introduction
    • 7 Cuddle Positions and Activities
    • Mini Script
    • Quiz: Paired Practice
    • In Conclusion
  • 12
    Two Demonstrations
    • Introduction
    • Mini Script
    • Tips for Leading Great Demos
    • Quiz: Two Demos
    • In Conclusion
  • 13
    Create Your Own Adventure
    • Introduction
    • 2 More Cuddle Positions
    • Mini Script
    • Your Role When There's Less Structure
    • Quiz: Create Your Own Adventure
    • In Conclusion
  • 14
    Cuddle Laboratory
    • Introduction
    • Mini Script
    • Quiz: Cuddle Laboratory
    • In Conclusion
  • 15
    Closing Circle
    • Introduction
    • Mini Script
    • Quiz: Closing Circle
    • In Conclusion
    • Download the Whole Script and/or Audio File
  • 16
    Using Your Powers for Good
    • Introduction
    • Your Intentions
    • Some Advice
    • My Embarrassing Story
    • Your Responsibility to Marginalized Groups
    • Code of Ethics
    • Quiz: Using Your Powers for Good
    • Keep Being Amazing
    • In Conclusion
  • 17
    Gender Dynamics & Gender Balancing
    • Introduction
    • People Socialized as Women
    • People Socialized as Men
    • Gender Balancing
    • Gender Balance Survey
    • Survey Says...
    • Quiz: Gender Dynamics & Gender Balancing
    • In Conclusion
  • 18
    Setting Boundaries
    • Introduction
    • The OCEAN Method
    • Scenario #1: Prepare
    • Scenario #1: Role Play
    • Scenario #2: Prepare
    • Scenario #2: Role Play
    • Quiz: Setting Boundaries
    • In Conclusion
  • 19
    Health and Hygiene
    • Introduction
    • Covid-19
    • Post Covid Health Practices
    • First Aid
    • Hygiene
    • Quiz: Health and Hygiene
    • In Conclusion
  • 20
    • Introduction
    • Venue Ideas
    • Floor Padding
    • Sample Liability Waiver
    • Pre-Event Checklist
    • List of Supplies + Signs
    • Quiz: Logistics
    • In Conclusion
  • 21
    • Introduction
    • Advertising and Ticketing Sites
    • Event Description
    • Four Tips to Get the Word Out
    • Quiz: Marketing
    • In Conclusion
  • 22
    Self-care For the Facilitator
    • Introduction
    • Self-care Questions
    • Self-care Ideas
    • Quiz: Self-care For the Facilitator
    • In Conclusion
  • 23
    Your Journey Continues
    • Woo Hoo!
    • Before you go
    • Curious About Certification?
    • Appendix
    • How to Stay in Touch

Curious about my credentials?

  • Jean Franzblau

    Cuddle Queen Jean

    Jean Franzblau

    I’m the Founder of Cuddle Sanctuary – the Los Angeles destination for touch positive events and professional cuddling since 2014. I’m known for having a fun, upbeat training style honed by my years in corporate training and the performing arts. I studied facilitation with Cuddle Party and the Association of Talent Development and am a Certified Professional Cuddler. In terms of schooling, I graduated cum laude with a BA in communications from UCLA.

Cuddle Sanctuary has been featured in lots of places!

Another bonus

If you complete this course, you qualify for a discount for our certification program.

This course is a prerequisite.

Cuddle events are a labor of love and an act of goodness for the world.


by Alyssa Osberg, Nurtured Nerds

Thank you so much!

by Alyssa Osberg, Nurtured Nerds

The tips, lists, and other resources are so incredibly valuable! I am feeling so much more prepared to lead events. Thank you so much!

Invest in yourself and your community.

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