Do you love to cuddle?

Would you like to increase your know-how with the help of two professional cuddlers?

Welcome to Cuddle Sanctuary!

I’m Jean Franzblau – Founder of The Cuddle Sanctuary in Los Angeles. (I’m the one on the left!) My colleague, Fei Wyatt, and I have worked with hundreds of clients and use the material that we present in this class every day. If you’d like to expand your repertoire and delight your next cuddle buddy, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll show you ten of our favorite cuddle positions.

Our fun, descriptive names will help you remember them:

  • Baby Bear

  • Hug Boat

  • Lap of Luxury

  • Mouse

  • Koala

  • Tetris

  • Pancake

  • Syrup

  • Two Peas in a Pod

  • Gummy Bear


by Garvin Hung

"Awesome, very informative..."

by Garvin Hung

“I have nothing but praise about this course! Very detailed and to the point!”

Watch - Listen - Try

We've included some useful tools for you.

  • Video

    We’ve created 15 instructional videos so that you can observe step-by-step how we get into each position. We’ll demonstrate the language that we use to create a seamless experience for our cuddle buddies.

  • Pro Tips

    Each position has special attributes that create a distinct feeling. (For example, does your cuddle buddy want to “hold” or “be held”?) We’ll give you our pro tips so that you can pick the perfect position every time.

  • Practice PDF

    The best way to learn these positions is to practice. Bring your phone, tablet or laptop to your cuddle space or if you prefer, print out our Practice PDF. Approach with a curious attitude and a sense of humor - then let the fun begin!

The science is amazing:

Soothing touch lowers cortisol - the stress hormone. The result is relaxation.


by Angela Betancourt

Enthusiastic about the options

by Angela Betancourt

“I had no idea there were so many other cuddle positions besides spooning!”

Cuddle Sanctuary is all over the media

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  • buzzfeed
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Meet Your Instructors

  • Jean Franzblau

    Founder of Cuddle Sanctuary | Cuddle Queen Jean

    Jean Franzblau

    I’m the Founder of Cuddle Sanctuary – the Los Angeles destination for touch positive events and professional cuddling since 2014. I’m known for having a fun, upbeat training style honed by my years in corporate training and the performing arts. I studied facilitation with Cuddle Party and the Association of Talent Development and am a Certified Professional Cuddler. In terms of schooling, I graduated cum laude with a BA in communications from UCLA. My mission is to shift the culture to a more compassionate world that’s safe for affection and connection for everyone.
  • Fei Wyatt

    Founder of CuddleXpo

    Fei Wyatt

    Hi! I'm a Certified Professional Cuddler who believes in the healing power of unconditional love and affection. I create safe, gentle spaces for connection, self-care, and personal growth. I love how cuddling peels down layers and allows for authentic connections with ourselves and others. To expand our industry, I founded CuddleXpo – the first convention for professional cuddlers.


by Morgan Lafayette

"Fascinating and Enlightening"

by Morgan Lafayette

“I enjoyed the videos on positions and the tips and variations. The lessons here go a long way to help people appreciate and get the most out of consensual, affectionate touch and intimacy.”

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introduction
    • How to use this course
    • Let's explore the basics
  • 2
    Consent Skills
    • "Ask and Wait"
    • "Blanket Yes"
    • Consent quiz
    • Great job!
  • 3
    Cuddle Positions
    • Baby Bear
    • Hug Boat
    • Lap of Luxury
    • Keep it up! Test your Cuddle IQ
    • Mouse
    • Koala
    • Tetris
    • Well Done! Test Your Cuddle IQ
    • Pancake and Syrup
    • Two Peas in a Pod
    • Gummy Bear
    • Strong Work! Test Your Cuddle IQ
    • Want a print out?
  • 4
    What's Next?
    • Congratulations!
    • Before you go
    • Stay in touch