Do you want to be a professional cuddler or are you already doing this work?

Want to learn techniques for having the safest possible practice?

Welcome to Cuddle Sanctuary!

I’m Jean Franzblau – Founder of the Cuddle Sanctuary in Los Angeles. I've worked with hundreds of clients since we opened our doors in 2014. I created this program to help you stay safe as you pursue work as a professional cuddler.

Let's keep it simple!

I entered the field early and did the heavy lifting to figure a bunch of things out. Let me save you some time! Topics include:

  • Safety Protocols

    You'll learn my "Stay Safe With Eight" method to help you sift through requests easily and decline clients when needed.

  • Consent Practices

    We'll explore the "Ask and Wait" and "Blanket Yes" consent models and help you determine when to use them.

  • Community Support

    You'll get tips on being more "out" as a professional cuddler and ideas on how to expand your circle of support.

by Susan Lee

I LOVE that you're offering this!

by Susan Lee

“This information has been ESSENTIAL for building my practice as a Professional Cuddler...I highly recommend this free training as well as the other online training Cuddle Sanctuary offers.”


If you don't yet have this - you need it!

  • Agreement Form

    I'll show you the agreement form that Cuddle Sanctuary clients sign. Use it as a shortcut when you're ready to create your own.

Take great care of yourself and your business.

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    • A message from Jean Franzblau
    • How to use this course
    • Topic overview
  • 2
    Safety Protocols
    • Safety Protocols: Introduction
    • Stay Safe With Eight
    • No Agreement? No Service
    • Want to Download the Sample?
    • Research the Client
    • Consultation
    • Red Flags
    • Consultation Sample #1
    • Debrief 1
    • Consultation Sample 2
    • Debrief 2
    • I Learned a Tough Lesson
    • "I'm Sorry - We're Not a Match"
    • How Would You Say It?
    • Use a Safety Buddy
    • Trust Your Gut
    • Safety Protocols Quiz
    • Summary
  • 3
    Consent Practices
    • Consent Practices: Introduction
    • "Ask and Wait" Method
    • "Blanket Yes" Method
    • Keeping It Platonic
    • Consent Practices Quiz
    • Summary
  • 4
    Community Support
    • Community Support - Introduction
    • Are You "Out" As a Cuddler?
    • Your Cuddle Community
    • Training Considerations
    • Community Support Quiz
    • Summary
  • 5
    Congratulations! What's Next?
    • Congratulations!
    • Before you go
    • Stay in touch

Want to know more about my credentials?

I founded Cuddle Sanctuary in 2014 because of my belief that the world would be a kinder, safer place if we all got enough connection, attention and hugs. My teaching skills have been honed by over 18 years as a corporate trainer. I've studied with Samantha Hess and am a Certified Master Cuddler. I've trained with Cuddlist and have completed Foundations of Facilitation with Cuddle Party. At times I'm asked to give talks about sexuality and consent on college campuses. You can find my writing in the Consent Guidebook.

Grace Heer

I'm better prepared!

Grace Heer

"I now feel better prepared to deal with challenges and concerns with potential clients and in-session communication. The training helped put me (and my worrying friends) at ease. Thank you!"